Are you ready to beg Arm bar Be my chair Beg little boy, beg
Can't move, can you Do as I command! Don't ever ask for trouble, you will get it Double leg grape vine
Face kicks Feet beat down Full nelson by the Anacondas Hand smother from leg jail
I love to fell your ribs bending I will have fun as you fail to scape Inescapable leg jail Is it good for you as is for me.. I doubt it!
Just powerful! Kiss my deadly feet like a good boy should Leg jail without parole Lethal curvy feet
My little boy toy Perfect fit Piggy back ride Powerful legs
Reverse crush Reverse head scissors Smothering from the grape vine makes a perfect booby trap So trapped
Standing up neck scissors The next one will be on your nuts!! This is what I will do to you, and you can't stop me Time to feed the hungry Anacondas!
Trapped in leg jail Triangle choke so powerful What men was born for Who's the Boss
Will do no good to cry for mommy You got no option Your life lays in between my powerful arms and thighs Your neck is my toy
Your pain, my fun face scissors foot choke just lethal forced smothering
such a weak prey you're next!